The Wandering Years

I had a conversation with our Archbishop recently, and he mentioned that a while back it seemed as if I was wandering. I wasn’t, really. And I had zero intention of naming this site after the whole notion of wandering. Because I’m not wandering anywhere.

But the hour has grown late after my site was destroyed – which was entirely my fault.

It’s certainly fitting that it was destroyed, as everything else is being destroyed around me at the moment.  Which means that it’s a time of renewal. A time of grace. A time of – spiritual maturation?

So, as I wander through the rubble and rebuild, refurbish, remodel; St. Joseph falling asleep and listening to an angel in a dream (even though it’s not really a dream,) is the perfect way to start off this new adventure.  I’m certainly falling asleep. And the angels around here are bidding me to bed verily, soon, soon, soon.  Anon to bed. Anon to sleep. To dream.

Back to the matters at hand, so many adventures are starting I don’t even know where to begin describing them.

We’ll take things one step at a time, shall we?


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