The Mysterious Monsignor Bux on Credos, Papal Resignation, and Invalidity

The news cycles come and go so fast it’s difficult keeping up. What makes it easier are the recurring themes.

I mean really. We just want to praise and worship our Lord Jesus Christ now and forever, man. Let’s not go messing with that.

So What’s it All About?

The uptake of it is this: Monsignor Bux recently questioned the abdication of Pope Benedict XVI, saying it should be examined for validity. (I’ll note here that this hypothesis has been bandied about and dismissed by theologians for several years.)

The drama started innocently enough, with an obscure article written on an Italian blog (hence it’s obscurity here – it may very well be the rage in Italy for all I know.)

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The article was then picked up by Edward Pentin, the renowned Vatican correspondent who writes for the National Catholic Register, and has reported on the Catholic Church from Rome for other publications which include Newsweek, Newsmax, Zenit, The Catholic Herald, and The Holy Land Review. He’s no slouch, and he’s no wild-eyed reactionary.

And It Begins to Spread

So it came to be that when he took note of the obscure article, published in the aftermath of the recent Youth Synod in Rome, and in the midst of the controversially disappointing Bishop’s General Assembly by the USCCB in Baltimore, many others did as well. (Most notably me of course. But Ann Barnhardt wrote about it, and has long held that the resignation of Benedict is invalid.)

From the Twitterz –

Edward Pentin on Twitter

Monsignor Bux: #PopeFrancis Must Urgently Issue Profession of Faith

To his own website.

Monsignor Bux: Pope Francis Must Urgently Issue Profession of Faith

The Vatican theologian says unless the Pope reaffirms Church teaching on morals, the faith and the sacraments, ‘the apostasy will deepen and the de facto schism will widen.’ In a forceful interview with Italian Vaticanist Aldo Maria Valli, Msgr.


The interview has some interesting things to say. Obviously, given the title, Monsignor Bux suggests that Pope Francis needs issue and proclaim a Credo, a profession of the Catholic faith, due to the confusion caused by his magisterial teachings. Two prime examples he uses are the various interpretations of Amoris Laetitia, and the changing of the teaching on the Death Penalty in the Catechism – both of which are highly controversial and not the subject of this post.

Who is Monsignor Monsignor Bux?

Monsignor Bux is a professor of liturgy and sacramentology at the “Institute of Ecumenical and Patristic Theology” in Bari, a consultant of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and the Congregation for the Causes of Saints and the Office of the Papal Liturgical Celebrations; adviser to Communio magazine, and author of numerous publications. He’s said to have been one of Pope Benedict XVI’s closest collaborators.

So his words have merit.

If we recall long, long ago in the Wayback Machine’s of our minds, we see him saying some very profound things shortly after the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI and the invention of an entirely new branch of the papacy – the contemplative branch – a synodality of Popes. #wierdness

Benedict’s Closest Collaborator

Fr. Kenneth Allen on Twitter

So rich. The reforms which were expected to happen after #Pope Benedict resigned (and which quite obviously have not happened.) Via the interview in the last tweet.

The linked interview is a fascinating glimpse at what was thought to happen by what the article refers to as Pope Benedict’s closest collaborator. None of which happened, of course. They were obviously living in a dream world.

The “Martyrdom” of Pope Benedict XVI

While Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation and the end of his pontificate are still sending shock waves throughout the world, Catholic World Report spoke with a senior theologian, Don Nicola Bux, among the closest collaborators of Benedict XVI, especially regarding liturgical matters, as he is a consultor to the Office of Liturgical Celebrations of the Supreme Pontiff.

Here’s the larger view.

Bux interview 2013

The News Spreads Like Wildfire

The news went on to be picked up by Pajamas Media:

Fr. Kenneth Allen on Twitter

Here we are Again, the news has made it to PJMedia ~ Noted Vatican Theologian Priest Says Pope Francis may be an Antipope; Calls For Study of #Pope Benedict’s Resignation #Catholic


For the Record: Msgr. Bux questions Ratzinger’s resignation, Bergoglio’s legitimacy

We post this now as an important part of the record during the reign of Bergoglio. While we discussed this on Twitter a few days ago, we are just now able to post this on the blog. Long-time readers know we have followed the “Good Bux” for many years (click the tags at the bottom of the post to read more).

And ultimately many others.

So what of it?

Public discontent amongst the Faithful has been growing for several years amongst the Faithful. While it’s said to be a handful of “conservative bloggers” who dislike him, nothing could be farther from the truth. He’s loved by the generation of Vatican II, he’s simply leaving too much doubt in the minds of the Faithful. And his recent handling of the various sex crises around the world – most especially in the US, for all of us here – have left the entire world dumbfounded and angry.

I don’t see anything coming of this per se.

I can see, however, that as discontent and confusion continue to grow, then the Credo, the resignation, the possibility of heresy – all will be scrutinized with a fine-toothed comb, determining what is, in fact, the truth.

Psalm 34/35.



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