The Infighting will Continue until …

…such point in time that the Messiah returns, riding on a cloud in glory.

Catholic news is continually stunning. Heated sides on every issue in every discussion call down the fires of judgment one upon the other; sniping for the sake of sniping is the norm in some quadrants.

Social media gives everyone a voice. But few know how to use it. Rants and raves take the place of the sharing of ideas and values. If you disagree with someone – even while admiring their courage, fortitude, and well-articulated stance – you are the enemy, and you must be destroyed. The enemy of our souls is having a field day.

It’s the world we live in and you have to have a thick skin while navigating it. I’ll chalk it up partly to Church leadership and, more specifically Catholic education here.

Stuebenville U. has the kids reading an extremely graphic novel blaspheming the Mother of Jesus Christ – assuming she could not possibly be as holy as imagined, and implying she’s just as degenerate as the author of the book.

My favorite is the idiotic statement from Steubenville about the need to prepare Catholic students to (basically) confront the real world – as if – pardon my bluntness – they’re not masturbating to anime and porn, and whatever else, as it is. Even the most basic studies show pornography has spread now into female populations, no longer the scourge of the male domain. Even the most basic studies also show that children are now exposed to pornography at an average age of 8 years old. It’s not like they have to walk into a seedy bookstore when they have instant gratification in a sleek, shiny case at their every beck and call.

So, of course, they need a college course that exposes them to the realities of sexual imagination and the coarseness of the modern culture, about which they are already very well aware, instead of showing them that it’s possible to live virtuously in that culture. That’s the stupidity of the academic world, and a major reason I bailed on it years ago, aside from not being overly good at math. Though to be fair, I was very good at algebra, geometry, and logic.

Reality will continue outside the bubble. Carry on.



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