The Glories of Flooring

Between prayer, administration, and sleep, there’s not enough time in the day to do a lot of writing, given the other duties of a priest’s life, and given the many wonderful people with whom we interact on any given day, who share their lives and friendship so warmly with us.

But when you’re given charge of a Parish, you do have to tend to the care of its patrimony. And that includes taking care of the floors from time to time.


Ours are actually in pretty good shape under the tar paper glue, the asbestos linoleum, and plywood and the carpet. You can see they’re ready to be sanded. We now have some pretty deep gouges here and there from the asbestos removal – so they’re pre-distressed antique heart pine floors.

But in the entire structure, only two or three boards need replacing, and those are under the honed, black and white marble tiling we’ll be putting in near the entrances.

When finished – it should look like the one below. (It will at least look vaguely like it one hopes.) We’re doing a quick sand and refinishing with Loba Wakol USA Impact Oil.

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That’ll work.

In the meantime, we’re having Masses in our Parish Halls, which is so far working well and quite thankfully only temporary. It’s also a time to be thankful the church building itself is so small, as it keeps the cost of such projects on the low side.

Of course, with the Town of Abita Springs itself adding over 400 homes in the next year, and with hundreds more on the way throughout our very large Parish, we’ll have to continue some seriously prayerful discernment. Spend a million dollars adding 100 or so seats to the Church? Carve out a new Parish from St. Michael’s Mission?

Time will tell the tale. But first things first and it’s off to prayer for me.


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