The End of the Age

I’ve come to understand what Scripture means about the end of the age. It doesn’t really matter at some point when the second coming is going to happen – we just have lead lives of grace and hope: Faith, Hope and Charity – remembering the poor, remembering good works.

Which leads to this website, because it’s ridiculous.

  1. Logging in to post something takes more time to do than actually writing anything. I’m locked out, the password is wrong, the email address is unrecognized – they’re all the same all the time. I have to log in through the hosting company and go in through the ‘change the user password’ option to get into the site itself.
  2. For some reason the hosting site became disconnected from the WordPress site, and no amount of bothering either company has gotten any results.
  3. I had rebooted the blog way back when, and realized I needed better photos which, of course, led to about 7 years of photo taking and photo posting, a lot of it on facebook, to their profit and use.
  4. I never actually got around to writing, which was the whole point of having a blog in the first place. AND – photography is a hobby which is way out of my reach. The new gear I want is a downpayment on a small house. Fuggedaboutit.
  5. Maybe I”ll just move the site to a different server. People have the right to migrate, the Church even says so.

So, the end of the age of the Father Allen site will come to pass, and no one will really notice. I’ll keep it as a business card site – even though those are about as outdated as blogs; and I’ll practice blogging as a better locale. A different hosting company. A minimal theme with no need to constantly rework things. Something easy so I can concentrate on life in general instead of the headachy aspects of a company I’ve never been overly fond of to begin with, or with which to begin.

And there it is. I’m not going to take the time to log back in and change a lot. It will either be on a new server, or this will simply become a parked domain with some old photos on it.

And that’s perfectly fine with the world.


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