The Edge of Night

The first time I ever drove to Bush, Louisiana, I was convinced I had driven to the edge of the world. Now, the drive is not only second nature, but I know the entire area like the back of my hand and can find my way in the pitch black darkness without thinking twice about it.

Out at the Mission
A View from the Mission Porch

We do a lot of driving in these parts.

So here’s what happened. A group of us in college, or early adulthood, back in the ’80s, decided to drive up one Friday night for dinner. So we gathered, had a few drinks, and drove forever and a day until we finally arrived in the middle of nowhere and ate ourselves silly at the All You Can Eat Seafood Buffet. It was a bit salty. – but overall enjoyable. Then we drove home, which took another forever and a day, played cards because we were fairly boring and that’s what one did in those days, then all went home our separate ways – full, happy and ready for a good night’s sleep.

Out at the Mission

Years later in seminary, I drove up to meet some friends I’d met at a weekend Retreat for Engaged Couples, Billy and Cheryl, who live in Bush. Once again I I thought was driving up to the middle of nowhere. I couldn’t believe people lived way out there, had no idea where I was, and was convinced the roads had no rhyme or reason. I was intrigued that they had no Parish church but went to a little mission church nearby – St. Michael’s.

Years flew by. Masses were said, Confessions heard, weddings, funerals, baptisms; life went on.

Tick tock tick tock.

Then, I was assigned as Pastor at St. Jane de Chantal Parish. Which has a Mission Church in Bush. Which is St. Michael’s! And the rest is history.

The Exterior Could use some Work.

I love the people who live out in Bush, Talisheek, Waldheim and Sun – and every area in between. I love the Mission Church out in Bush. I love the drive to and fro. In fact, being in Abita Springs I tend to think of myself as being on the southern edge of something (well, which is of course the Parish, as Abita is on the southern edge of St. Jane de Chantal Parish.) And I absolutely love living here, where the water flows right out of the ground – and downhill.

But Every one of my friends from the Southshore still acts like they’re driving to Montreal when they drive up to Abita. And I completely understand.



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