The Day in San Antonio

So I was able to attend Sr. Imelda’s funeral what with my mad driving skillz. What a blessing.  Driving in at night the entire campus of the Sisters of Charity of the Incarnate Word, located at their university,  is lit up for blocks very colorfully during Advent until Epiphany.  

Funerals are always a great thing to attend; some sad, some joyful.  It’s important to give some sort of witness to the life of the deceased, to pray for the repose of their soul and the comfort of the grieving; to remember fondly the deceased.

I also was able to visit with some of the nuns that I knew from my days at St. Catherine.

the nuns

I ran into these two while I was there, St. Kathleen Reynolds and Sr. Shirley Vaughan. Sr. Shirley I knew from the Vaughan family – St. Kathleen was so surprised I remembered her and remembered her name – and recognized her.

I always wondered what happened to her, and wondered if I would see her there. After the Mass and burial, she was standing there looking at me, and I immediately recognized her because she still has the same mannerisms and quirky energetic attitude. I said a few words at the end of the Mass – I was asked very impromptu and off cuff, and I felt like hiding under the chair after – and mentioned I had first met Sr. Imelda in 1974. So she was saying she may have taught me. Meanwhile, I was saying. “Sr. Kathleen!”

I missed saying hello to a few other of the sisters that I know because there is only so much time in the day. But it was great saying hello to everyone.

Beautiful time with a beautiful community. Now, it’s off to a beautiful night’s sleep.



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