St. Michael, the Archangel

Prayers for the people of Florida.

Cross in the Storm

It’s true I’m forever scarred by the disgusting, horrifying and completely devastating aftermath of Katrina and know how deeply many of these people will suffer, especially if they’ve never been through a hurricane before and are “riding it out”. Why do people do these things? Is it because newscasters are on the beaches telling everyone how dangerous it is and “do not come out in this storm!”?

As Irma’s Winds Rise, So Does a Debate Over TV Storm Reporting

Early Sunday morning, Bill Weir, a veteran CNN correspondent, was talking to the anchor Chris Cuomo in the middle of a live shot in Key Largo, Fla. He could barely stand up straight in the lashing winds of Hurricane Irma. At one point, he was nearly blown over by a gust.

Nightmarish winds for hours on end, surge overflowing into everything, odious flood waters receding and taking everything with them. Property wiped out, lives at risk. A sinking feeling in the stomach just thinking about what it’s going to be like for them.

St. Medardus, pray for them.

We’ll be taking up donations and offering help. God help them.



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