Somewhere in Time

    1. I’ve been waking up early to make more time for prayer.
    2. Yesterday I finally saw the original blueprints for St. Jane de Chantal Church. I’d put a picture here, but one isn’t supposed to reproduce them in any way. (The archives, by the way, at the Southeast Architectural Archives, held at Tulane University, are amazing.)
    3. Prior to that, we attended the Chrism Mass, re: the above photo. It’s an annual Mass held for the blessing of the oils which are used throughout the year.I was looking at the picture and noticed myself (orange circle.) Then I noticed that one of my former spiritual directors (green circle,) was turning around looking at me. It caught my eye when it happened. But people turn around and look at me all the time. I guess at 6’6″ I stick out in a crowd? I sing like a chorister? My holiness draws people in? When I walk into rooms people scream or look startled. If people walk around a corner and bump into me they scream or look startled. Being tall isn’t for the feint of heart my friends. That and one rarely really sees tall old people.

      Which is concerning. Now is the time to seek our salvation; now is the time to atone for ours sins

      Especially when you’re six foot six and have been on this earth for quite awhile as it is.

  1. Visiting the archives occasioned parking uptown – which is also not for the feint of heart. So I parked in Audubon park off of Magazine St.and took a leisurely stroll over, remembering the many joyous times I used to go jogging there while in seminary.

    I’d ride my bike over and jog. I’d drive my car over and jog, up to 14 miles at one point. I’d cycle over and due the par-fitness circuit.I’m a very slow jogger. I would be jogging and notice some moms out with baby buggies, keeping up with me while they were walking. It definitely helped improve my pace.

    Anyway after strolling through the park, the campus and back it dawned on me I’d walked about 6.5 miles. #winningThis is a step in the right direction people!

    The world may be falling apart and I may have paperwork up to my ears, but by God I am sticking with prayer and walking. A man has to hold on to something in life.

  2. And, it’s off into the day. Easter approaches and there’s much to do. Clean clothing, proper grooming, time for reflection and prayer, preparations in the Church, long strolls, gardening, fasting, cleaning all of the scotch off the front doors of the Church which is also an annual Holy Week tradition, and well – etc.

    Jesus is drawing all things to Himself, so it’s prayer and work for me. And thee.

  3. By the way – what is this? A steam vent steaming away as I drank a double espresso and considered my overly caffeinated life. As I was considering that, PJ’s emailed me a receipt and I found myself wondering how on earth they came to have my e-mail address.
  4. If the Lord has mercy on those who fear Him down to the thousandth generation – does that mean we have another 40,000 years or so before the Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ?

    May as well make the most of things; never know what’s going to happen in a day.

  5. Well. 8Am. Almost time for lunch.

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