Site Issues

I have to admit I was really enjoying writing a bit more. But the site just has issues, man. Lord Jesus, have mercy.

Given social media privacy concerns that have come up of late, over the past say, decade or so, I decided to cut back on my presence in social media of late. You could never tell that from checking out my twitter feed which, at any given time of day, or day of the week or given month, should be to the right side of this post. All of which I want to comment on here.

Back to the issues – because of technical difficulties, by the time I finally get logged in here, reset passwords, try to reconnect the entire site – to no avail – it’s practically time to head off to night prayer. Or Mass if I’m tending to this in the morning.

Let’s put it this way: it’s not a simple platform at the moment. The irony is, that certainly used to be back when I had nothing I really wanted to say.

So the site has issues the hour is late and my thumb hurts.

First Friday has been glorious, and about 98% of it I can’t even begin to write about because it’s all confidential.

And that’s the way of things, as it is. +


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