Resetting Things

It’s amazing to think of all the things that can happen in the course of a year.  And my Lord, have so many things happened. Last year at this time, the rectory here looked similar to this.  And it was orderly and relatively clean all the time.

Life is what it is though, and we have to work our way through everything that comes along, as prayerfully as possible.  The mundane. The good and the great!  The sad and the challenging.

The rectory is done – but things have never found a new place.  So it’s not, particularly, in order as it should be.  Still, it works for now.

Next step – order.  A little bit at a time goes a long way on any given day.  I’m letting go of many personal possessions and speaking with the staff and parishioners about some of the things around here that are needing to go – like fax machines from the ’90’s, cardboard items from summer camps years ago.  Et cetera.  I mean – you don’t just get rid of stuff owned by the Parish.

I’ve taken a few days free to help get things more organized as we head into Advent.  But my back is killing me due to the chair I have here, and I’ll probably be in bed resting, then walking and stretching.   And fasting and praying.  I’m low key sometimes like that, but doing a lot of reading and studying in the meantime.

Blessed Feast of St. Andrew in the morrow.






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