Requiscat in Pace

God Bless Sr. Imelda, she was one of a kind, and always will be. She’s second from the right in the featured photo here.

Forged in religious life amongst the varied worlds of Pre-Vatican 2, Vatican 2, and post Vatican 2 – she faithfully executed her duties, took over the helm of a growing and dynamic parish school in her late fifties, and continued strongly until finally succumbing at the age of 94.

So many fond memories.

When questioned why our school taught French instead of Spanish – which was ‘more practical’ – she famously said, “We teach French because it’s more sophisticated.” Which has a lot of truth to it. I appreciated that in high school, and later when I finally made my way to France and was able to make my way around w/ little help from my dictionary. Everyone thought I was from Germany or Italy.

I don’t know if that’s good or not. But…

Sr. Imelda was one of a kind, in a great way.


Requiscat in Pace, Sr. Imelda Moriarity.



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