Queen Jane

Speaking of the Protestentation of England. It reeks of monolithic coup. The more you read, the more nauseating it is.

Her own father abandoned her to be executed at the age of 16. He wasn’t man enough to stand of for either her or the Faith.

The situation: Edward is the only son of King Henry VIII, and he’s ill.  If his sister Lady Jane Grey, a grandaughter of King Henry VII, becomes Queen the country will be come Catholic again. (Didn’t we mention something like this happened with St. Anselm?)

What to do?  What will happen?

Well we know what happened. Still, what do you know about Queen Jane? She preceded Mary Queen of Scotts, and Elizabeth I. The country has been Protestant ever since.

It’s a situation fraught with drama and intrigue. The Queen is dead! Long live the Queen!


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