Profession and Acceptance

Last night Brother Maximillian of the Immaculate, formerly known as Alex Laguaite of St. Jane de Chantal Parish, made his Initial Profession into the community of Jesus Healer, in the jungles of Peru.

Sr. Isabella was accepted as a novice and made a solemn vow to live by the rule of the Order in unity with the teachings of the Church, the Holy Father and the Magisterium. She was beaming with joy the entire evening.


During her 6 month trial period, prior to being accepted as a novice, Sr. Isabella wore a simple wooden cross. Now, dressed in the habit of a novice, she presents the cross to her mother so that when it is pressed to her heart she will remember her daughter in religious life in a profound way.

Brother Maximillian made his Initial Profession after Communion and was accepted to continue in the Order. He’s a novice no more! He was beaming with joy in a more matter of fact way.

I hear he may be home on the family vacation soon, too. (Most religious communities allow their members two weeks of vacation time, usually spent with one’s family.)

It was a beautiful evening; I was honored and blessed to be a witness.



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