Planned Parenthood’s Creepy Ad

I love following Obianuju Ekeocha on Twitter. She also has an Amazon page with her book discussing the ideological colonialization of Africa in the 21st Century – mainly be sexual ideologies.

She often posts about abortion, is an intelligent voice against it, and recently posted one of Planned Parenthoods latest ads, which is horrifyingly creepy. A cute newborn kid, over streaming the video finally – that she deserves to be a choice.

She was pretty much a choice when her parents decided to have sex. This isn’t about kids – it’s about having sex whenever you want with no consequences. We can see in the Church where that kind of thinking led. We can see in society how that kind of thinking is going.

Here’s my retweet. I’m not important enough for Planned Parenthood to notice my Tweet, complain to Twitter, or report me. Just the usual trolls.

Millions are hellbound and the Church is concerned about offending the divorced and remarried, the LGTBIQ community, elderly nuns; anyone but the Faithful. Insult the Faithful all one wants until they stop donating and then one has to stand up and take note and act shocked – shocked I say!

Prayer and Penance. Prayer and Penance. Lord, allow us the realization of graces for personal and societal repentance in the sight of your Holy Angels, washed clean in the Blood of the crucified Lamb.



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