Locked out Again

Mondays are devoted to the Holy Souls in Purgatory.  So I’ll offer up my sufferings for them.

I was even thinking as I clicked the “update” button, “Why am I using a developmental version of WordPress?”

And now, all that shows up when trying to type away my thoughts is that everything is “already up-to-date!”


Back to tinkering.  Back to muttering.

It’s as if, when they change the aisles in the grocery store, and you walk in and everything is in a different place because “it’s more convenient!”  It’s not more convenient for me. And all of these changes to WordPress so that I can enjoy writing more and not have to worry about coding or anything.  ::rolling eyes::

But – I’m offering it up, after all. Nobly. In a dignified manner. And everything is already up-to-date!  I think WordPress is probably mad at me for checking out Ghost.  Either that or some type of demonic attack is up against my little weblog.

Those demons don’t realize who they’re up against.

That and I can always just post from WordPress, which is actually far easier than I was thinking.

Mutter, mutter.