Packing for South America

I’m in the last throes of packing for my trip to South America, and it isn’t pretty.

Main reason to go: going to the Profession of a vocation from our Parish, wonderful young man, into the order of the Family of Jesus, Healer.

Fam­ily of Jesus

We are a fam­ily of priests, broth­ers and sis­ters ded­i­cated to Christ and His Church, bound by pri­vate vows of obe­di­ence, chastity, poverty and mar­tyr­dom, pray­ing to be healed and formed into a fam­ily by the Divine Fam­ily (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) in order to live out in a prophetic man­ner our bap­tismal call­ing to fol­low Jesus Christ and to be his instru­ments of heal­ing for fam­i­lies, includ­ing not only the indi­vid­ual domes­tic fam­ily, but also the broader fam­ily of the Church and of society.

And for whatever reasons that exist, I’m always nuts about hanging out in the Andes. I really need to meet more people who love to do the same thing. So while I’m in South America and hanging out in the Andes, I’m heading to La Paz, Bolivia, where I’ll be visiting a mission by the name of Suti Sana.


Offering Employment for Survivors of Prostitution and Trafficking

One of my friends who worked in the missions in South America for 5 years and who heads back much more often than I, is friends with the couple who run this mission – they met in the language school in Cochabamba.

My time in La Paz is short this go round, but I’m looking forward to learning more about the work they do with human trafficking in South America.

I usually pack too much and am trying to keep things light. I’m tired of lugging around – luggage.

Then it’s down into the jungles of Peru, into Puerto Maldonado, and the wonderful community there. I don’t care if it’s hot as blazes, I love their life of prayer, the work they do, the lives they lead, the joy they exude. Being cut off from civilization definitely has its advantages.

But for now, it’s time to retire to some moments of prayer. And then pack things, either in the suitcase or into the large bins where things will have to wait until I return and figure out the storage situation here in the house of no closets.

Closets are for the weak. Who needs them anyway. Out with it all, I say!



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