Our Humorous Lord.

A while ago I was praying about my life, my ministry, my work in the vineyard, and I just heard the Lord saying “Write.” (Maybe He was just saying “Right!”)

But no – He wants me to write. So I tidied up my little blog here. And then the entire thing disappeared – which is certainly apropos.

So, start anew, and write. Blog. Keep a blog.

At this very same instant, the Church started manifesting one of the largest crises in her history. So – I’ll just start writing about that too. I certainly don’t hold back on Facebook. The comment threads are all over the place.

But realistically, very few people are truly happy with the direction the Church is going in. Some are because that’s how the Church is – big and filled with many souls with differing opinions on just about everything.

At the same time, the Church can’t just start changing teachings willy-nilly, which they’re “not doing”, and “are doing” at the same time, with very vague language explaining the changes/not changes. And when they do/don’t change teachings and praxis, everyone has a right to question what’s going on. Which is happening, and which the Church has consistently said needs to happen. Good enough.

So if the Lord wants me to write about that – well, He certainly has something much better in store than my own dismal view of such a task. Who am I to question the abundant grace and favor of the Lord? His mercy? His justice? The many graces and blessings which flow into my life? The terrible sacrifice at Calvary, in darkness, terror, wind and storm, where the precious blood of our savior flowed out with water for the salvation of us all; cleansing and washing us from sin. The ascension into Heaven, wherein human nature is raised above that of the angels, and which Jesus Himself said was a part of the plan. Where He sits in glorious unmatchable beauty at the right hand of the father, in majesty, power, in tremendous might – and yet approachable, gentle, kind, generous, humorous. As if he’d bump you with his shoulder and give you a wink and a smile.

I asked on Twitter a while ago, if the current crisis in the Church was affecting anyone’s prayer life, and had some great responses.

Fr. Kenneth Allen on Twitter

Have the scandals and subsequent revelations affected anyone’s prayer life? If so, how? These are things I’d like to know. I’ve struggled a bit. #Prayer #Catholic #USCCB2018

HAve I misread the Lord? Has anyone else ever felt this need to write?



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