Non Satis Latine

Which means I don’t know Latin – I’ve been on a “learning Latin” kick, which is taking quite some time given that I do not have much time to put into it. That variously led to online resources, which led to Luke’s YouTube channel – or Scorpio Martianus, as it were.

But, I do love languages and am getting there slowly but surely. I find myself repeating Latin during the day, thinking of ways to remember my grocery list in Latin, translating my thoughts as I go, reading through Cicero...

Hoo boy is there a ways to go! But that’s what life is for, to have new experiences, make the most of things, meet people and share their hearts, and learn new languages.

Enarratio Lucae hic video “Dē rēctā Ecclēsiasticā prōnūntiātiōne”.

One of my friends goes ballistic when I mention Latin, I tell him just not to learn it. It’s fun, though I wish I had more time to put into it.



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