New Day Dawning

The above photo was taken with my iPhone while I was out for a bike ride a few years ago. At that point in time, and for most of the time prior to that, I would take casual bike rides of 20 miles or so. It’s taken at Lake Pontchartrain, on the northern banks, and uses the “noir” filter, which is one of my favorites.

  • Photography and fitness – gotta get back to it. And it’s happening.
  • Rectory renovations continue, with associated drama. Church renovations continue – mostly planning and contractual stuff, with associated drama and headaches.
  • Continuing Ed is looking promising and exciting – more to come on that front.
  • Car research continues, with associated despising of car notes.
  • I love my Crown Vic and hate to see it go. I’m going to whine and lament it’s passing when the day comes, which will more than likely be this year. That car got me through Katrina, I’ve driven across the country in it without a care in the world as to its performance at least a dozen times. I bought it because I knew my dad could get into it – no way he could have gotten into a truck. And it fits me like a great pair of worn loafers.
  • It’s not fair to my mechanic (who does give me a great price on the work he does,) to continue as the repairs start to mount.
  • If I super detail it myself, and make YouTube videos or blog about it, can I write it off?
  • If I blog about food and fitness, can I write those off? Blogging seems a bit passe these days.

So many questions at the start of the day.

In the meantime I’ve learned more about Special Needs accounts than I have ever wanted to know. But, I’m glad to know it and be able to help someone with special needs.

Sensing some themes here? Fitness. Foods. Photography. Finances. Faith (which is a given, and I often take it for granted that everyone and their cousin reads all about the Church, the spiritual life, the Catechism. I have to rethink that line of thought; the Church is very divided at present.)

And now for the picture that started it all. It started this post, at least.

Peace, friends. +

A Bike Ride


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