La Paz to Cusco

One of the main ways many people get from La Paz to Cusco is the bus, and that’s mainly because you save tons of $$$. It takes longer, but you do meet interesting people and see a lot more of the locale than you might if you just flew from one place to another. Tho let’s get serious here. If I had the $$$ I’d fly because sleeping on a bus is not for the faint of heart.

To use a worn term, I’m still processing my time spent with Suti Sana.


Offering Employment for Survivors of Prostitution and Trafficking

They are remarkable, the work they do is amazing. Go! Support them! Buy from them!

This is what gets me: I know this exists, I know this exists all around me. I’m able to see it in New Orleans for what it is, where it is, who it involves – usually.

You can see the latest arrests and such over at the Justice Department. In fact, if you look around, Human Trafficking arrests are up 143% (as of May) in 2018 over 2017.

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Way to go. But what about the survivors?

First, you have to help survivors of trafficking – and I use the term ‘trafficking’ broadly here – to regain, or relearn a sense of self, which is most fully realized in Jesus Christ. And how do you do that when the survivors are used to having a beer with a customer bringing them to bed, for less than 50 cents, USD, as the lines grow ever longer, with men waiting in turn and watching walls filled with pornographic movies being displayed as they wait. Prostitution is legal in Bolivia and much of South America, and it’s big business. There are a lot of people who don’t what you messing with their trade.

It’s a large work to be undertaken.

So – pray to the Lord to open your eyes to see what is going on around you. One day when all is revealed, we are going to be horrified, if we aren’t already. And that’s why I need more time to consider all of this – because I know it’s all around us.



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