iPhone Posting

I’ve never posted from an iPhone, and probably never will again.

But this hideous picture of the Church here caught my eye as it’s all over the place on image searches for our church ever since Google did away with Panoramio, which had some great images linked over to searches.

I tell you, Nothing is permanent these days.

Contrast the image above with this one:


Now I know that when the renovations were done in the 70’s, it seemed for whatever reason to be the thing to do. But I wonder sometimes what they were thinking.

Instead of having Jesus Christ enthroned in the Sanctuary, you had a platform with a chair and an old man sitting there.  The old man who renovated it back then was a holy old man, much loved and revered. The current old man in charge of renovations certainly strives for the heights of such holiness. One day, we all hope, he may attain to it.

Speaking of holiness 

I was flipping through stations on Sirius XM while I still have my free trial – I’m ultimately cheap – and started listening to Joel Osteen’s channel.

No wonder he’s so popular. He knows the Scriptures inside and out, explains them beautifully, and offers people the true hope that the Scriptures promise.  No blather about climate change, immigration, clericalism, sexual abuse, money laundering, RICO charges, communism. He acknowledges human suffering too.

Except that there is no sacramental life and he constantly puts down “religion”, I’d probably start driving over, myself.  Jesus did leave us a religion – the best on Earth – and despite the fact it’s been on self destruct for quite some time, it lives on because it’s simply the Faith in His holy name, in the promises of Scripture, and the awesome power of the Holy Spirit at work in our lives, that keep it going.

Every effort has been made to destroy the Church as an institution; to co-opt it for whatever reasons such is done. So the fact that as an institution it’s being revealed as rotten to the core is not surprising.

But the Church is more than an institution. It’s the living mystical body of Christ, with Jesus Christ as it’s head. He foretold of difficult times. And here we are.

Let the weeds grow amidst the wheat, as we implore the Lord who may seem to be asleep but who certainly is quite active. He could go no great works in Nazareth because those who thought they knew Him had no faith.

So we simply have to have faith. And I am SO GLAD I started harping on this before I listened to Joel Osteen, because he says the same thing and I’m not into copy catting preachers.

Read your Bibles

Read your Bibles. Seriously. It’s the 21st Century and we all need to be well versed in it. So many people are well versed in it from cover to cover; and I’m here preaching to the choir. I’m preaching to myself.  Read it one sentence a day if it takes the time to gain a level of understanding, especially when you get to St. Paul. But just read it.

You could learn Greek and Hebrew too. But I don’t think that’s really necessary for most people.

Thus ends the iPhone post. I’m off to read my Bible.





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