Hurricanes and Stupidity

This was recently posted on Facebook and received accolades for bravery and calls for donations for a new truck. The storm chasers drove into the eyewall of Hurricane Michael as it was coming ashore, they [obviously] got caught in the storm surge, had to abandon the vehicle and seek shelter while the vehicle floated away.

Now me, aside from using questionable grammar from time to time, was unimpressed.

  • Drive into the eyewall of a hurricane as it’s coming ashore from the shallow beaches along the Gulf of Mexica and the Florida panhandle.
  • Feign surprise when storm surge starts coming in at the exact same time as the eyewall of the hurricane you’ve decided to storm track – despite the fact that this is basic knowledge of hurricanes.
  • Freak out when you realize you could very likely die at any moment in the next several hours.
  • Leave your car, break into someone’s home and take refuge.
  • Worry your loved ones silly.
  • Complain that no one understands your heroic actions which will help to understand hurricanes better.

Very little detail, and lots of negativity ‘from people with no experience in these fields”. I don’t know of anyone yet who’s experienced a hurricane who considers this a remotely wise thing to do, in any way, shape or form. It adds nothing to the field of hurricane research. Storm surge happens, is well documented, and it’s already known at what point it’s going to come on in, which happens to coincide with the timing of Mr. Adair’s video.

I have nothing against Brett Adair and appreciate that he’s interested in learning more about storms. Someone is always going to ride a storm out – stay behind to witness. Maybe his video will help others decide to stay away from them. Tho maybe it will encourage thrill seekers.

Maybe Mr. Adair didn’t realize what he’s put others through. Brandon Thomas sums it up well at the end of his post.

fb post

Thankfully all turned out well. Though, as FEMA chief Brock Long said he expects the death toll will rise.

“We still haven’t gotten into the hardest-hit areas,” he said, adding with frustration: “Very few people live to tell what it’s like to experience storm surge, and unfortunately in this country, we seem to not learn the lesson.”

God rest all of those who died in that obviously deadly situation.

Not how it is. Or is it?



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