Gutenberg and the Single Priest

WordPress is releasing their new, shiny sparkling Gutenberg Editor and, seeing as my entire website has already disappeared several times, I can’t see how it’d hurt anything to go ahead and give it a try.

What, it’ll disappear again?

With the scandalously scandalous news coming out of the Catholic Church – WORLDWIDE – I’m apathetic about my little site here. I’ll have to start a new one and rebrand everything. Because branding is everything for a Priest doncha know.

So. Why not give Gutenberg a spin, shall we? Let’s see what this baby can do.

So, what can this baby do and why does it matter?

And why is this even happening?  I know – I get it from all of those who say that this is the natural outcome of the last 50 years, the natural outcome of the collapse of teaching the Catholic moral code, of the natural law, etc.

I get it, yes.

There’s a difference between getting it, and not having it affect you in any way.  Even people who say “Why should you be surprised? You’re overreacting,! blah, blah, blah…”   are reacting because they’re obviously compelled to enter into the discussion and display their superior understanding of the matters at hand.

Not that it’s superior at all.  Though frankly, they’re all much better writers than am I.

No response from the WordPress update

Background image isn’t displaying properly in the above block. No parallax effect.

Something must be wrong in the settings panel of the actual “Gutenberg ready” theme? Hmmm.  Nope.

So far Gutenberg isn’t cutting it for me.  Which is no doubt a good a reason as any to simply start a new project, and slowly create a photo site from my old photo blog. Which disappeared during a hosting transfer.

The blocks aren’t easily formatted as a whole, though this is simply the plugin and not the actual big deal that’s coming soon to a blog near you.

Actually, I don’t get it.

WordPress looks completely normal aside from the fact that I could use sections if I’d like to.  I’ve seen the visual editor before, and this is not it.

Gutenberg, where art thou?




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