From the Sermons of the Venerable Bede, Priest at Jarrow.

18th on the Saints.
Therefore, may it be our delight to go on unto this prize of good living. Freely and cheerfully let us strive in the race, running under the eyes of God and of Christ. We have already taken a station above floating and earthly things, and let us allow no love for things fleeting to hamper our running. If the last day shall find us lithe and speedful in the race of good living, we shall never have to complain that our Master is a scanty rewarder of our works.

That gives a red crown for suffering under persecution, the same gives a white crown to them that under peace, prevail in battles of righteousness.

Neither Abraham, nor Isaac, nor Jacob, were slain, and nevertheless, in honor for faith and righteousness, they have gained the first place among the Patriarchs, and it is to sit down with them in the kingdom of God that are gathered the faithful, the righteous, and the praiseworthy. We must remember that it is God’s will and not our own will, that we must do, for he that does His will abides forever, even as He abides forever.

Therefore, dearly beloved brethren, with mind clear, faith firm, courage true, love thorough, let us be ready to do whatever God wills, keeping stoutly all the commandments of the Lord, having innocency in simplicity, peaceableness in love, modesty in lowliness, in ministering diligence, in helping them that toil watchfulness, in succouring the poor mercifulness, in standing up for the truth firmness, in keeping of discipline sternness, lest we be found wanting in any good work.

These are the steps which the Saints who have already gone home have left marked for us, that we may be able to keep in their footprints, and so to follow them into their joy.



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