Father, what do you think about the Kavanaugh hearings?

You probably don’t want to know. But, since so many have asked:


Ryan Saavedra on Twitter

Credibly accused? -No evidence -No witnesses -All alleged “witnesses” denied the incident ever happened. That’s just the short-list. https://t.co/G4uf1B2Iid

Flake booed at festival after joking, ‘Feel free to join me in an elevator anytime’

Sen. Jeff Flake Jeffrey (Jeff) Lane Flake Lawmakers buy more time for spending deal Beto O’Rourke seen as a top contender in 2020: poll The Hill’s Morning Report – Presented by T-Mobile – Trump faces pivotal stretch on trade, immigration MORE (R-Ariz.)

I’ll admit, I think the Republicans are for the most part leather chair, country club, let-me-get-comfortable-first-and-where’s-the-scotch career politicians very similar to many Democrats. Call me cynical. I honestly don’t put my faith in politicians, though I do keep an eye on politics as one must during any time of strife. And I do admit that sincere politicians exist.

What would it take for you to believe that Kavanaugh is innocent until proven guilty? And this is coming from a Priest in the Catholic Church which has been home to so many sexual predators that I don’t even know who can begin to count them. The fact is, that while some Priests have been falsely accused, the rest had the credible evidence against them because they were/are guilty as sin.

So the same goes for Judge Kavanaugh, and the evidence just doesn’t stand up. There’s so much out there, on every spectrum that it can be confusing – from the machines to elect him, to the machines to destroy him.

After all, this is completely normal behavior in Washington DC.

Existentially, we are in a war for our souls. Does anyone know what true liberty is anymore? When’s the last time you felt completely comfortable praying in public? Spoke about Jesus Christ with anyone? Prayed publicly in a restaurant? Brought anyone into the Faith? Read your Bible in a coffee shop? Read the Gospel of John? The Letter of James?

This isn’t ancient Rome. This is the USA and we have a voice and need to use it. If we don’t start using it now, we’re lost.

Do you need an example of speaking up and being over the top? Look at Paul Joseph Watson – which brings up an interesting point. To be heard nowadays you have to have be loud, focused, persistent. Which Mr. Watson certainly is.

The internet is not a place for wallflowers, [irony]which is no doubt why I maintain such a highly successful blog here[/irony]. He’s over the top, but seriously – who isn’t tired of politics as usual? Who isn’t tired of being sold on smooth, polished liars, who will say what they need to do to keep the peace? That’s v. dysfunctional you know.

To close out my random thoughts in a little log of web activity, these body language vids are both entertaining and illuminating.

Bombard’s Body Language

Body Language – Brett Kavanaugh Hearing Accuser Dr Christine Blasey Ford

Better to spend time in prayer, than to fret over politics.  Though at some point, our prayer leads us to speak.



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