Drinking Norms

One of the areas of life which I always find of interest is studying addictions. Research shows that about 80% of people recover from addictions on their own – but everyone is different.

Here in the New Orleans area we have a very alcoholic culture. For the most part, you really can’t buy ingredients for a salad without walking past huge selections of wine and alcohol. And the getting is good, with fine brands kept in just about every establishment.

So we have to learn moderation early on, along with physical activity and health guidelines.

I’ll be putting up some more links having to do with addictions of various sorts, and also various types of recovery that are going on. The New Orleans area is also right along several major paths of travel for drug running and for human trafficking, only one of which involves the port.

Here’s that picture from up top again. It’s easy to see that many people have more of a problem than they’d care to admit; and why so many people are simply choosing to say away from alcohol more often than not.

There’s nothing wrong with a good time. There does come a time when something is no longer “fun”, though, as I learned the hard way when I decided to quit smoking years ago.

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Drinking Norms

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