The Dramatic Life of the Vestibule

Recently I celebrated a very beautiful wedding Uptown in a very beautiful Church.

St. Francis of Assisi

I mean, pardon me. Look at that reredos! Look at that lighting!

They have the same 100-year-old heart pine floors that we do, and they just had theirs redone in the high gloss polyurethane we were considering before we went with the Loba Impact Oil.

Their floors are absolutely gorgeous. However, they are already complaining about the wear and tear on the finish after having them done over the summer – scratches, scuffed areas.

Les Floors

So I’m glad we went with the oil finished floors. Aside from looking like a country Church, it’s holding up extremely well, as advertised. It’s dirty already, natch. But it’s pretty easy to clean. And they look great!

Floors Once More

Some areas, I’m convinced, need more oil on them. The ones which appear that way are the ones which were covered over in a way which would have made them drier and more in need of some TLC (i.e. the Sacristy, which had yellow and green asbestos tiling under a layer of very dusty, mushroom-colored carpet.)

At the vestibules, we’re putting in black and white honed marble tile which, while being a classic look, also echoes the St. Louis Cathedral – and Minor Basilica – in New Orleans.

They just put it in today, and I’m on iPhone pix at present so – have mercy please.

marble tile floes

Honed marble wears easily and looks used fairly quickly. It’s also not quite as slick, and the matte finish matches the silken matte finish of the floors. While a lot of people complain about how it can look etched, it’s soft, etc; people use and have used it for centuries – which is sort of the point. It lasts. And stone absorbs and evens things out over time. In fact, in ancient times they would just wipe them down with olive oil. Sort of like our floors.

So we can oil the whole place down, keep out the moisture and have everything clean and sparkling!

Maybe not.

We got them from the Builder Depot. A Carrara Venato Marble. 12×12″ Honed Tile; and a black, Nero Marquina 12×12″ Honed Marble Tile. The folks at Builder Depot are great to work with, sent sample pix, combined orders for shipping, etc. Very easy. Very simple. Order arrived in great shape.

Highly recommended.

While we’re redoing this, we’re actually much more invested in getting together our Thanksgiving Baskets, which will start happening during this great coming week!

It’s good to have clean, solid flooring that will last, but the words from the Letter to the Hebrews echo – Faith, Hope, and Love, remembering the poor, and doing good works.

Praised be God. Now and forever.



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