When I get on a kick, I get on a kick.

Another Ola Gjeilo, this time the Credo from his “Sunrise Mass“.

Is he Catholic, or do we have to convert him?

The text is through-composed – which means it’s not a hymn or such that repeats itself. But he manages to do just that – in that, the music has a coherent structure, Beginning, Middle, End, and it works. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

The last composer I was completely amazed by is a Mormon with little to no web presence, and who’s “Life of Christ” I completely bought out on Amazon and gave away as gifts to friends who still call in amazement at how often they listen to it. (If you buy it, you’ll love it. I make no profit from the sale, and the composer doesn’t even know I exist.)

Gjeilo’s “Credo“.


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