All Dressed Up

Here at St. Jane we’re undergoing some renovations, which got started – entirely through my own fault – a bit before I had thought they might get started. So while things were a bit undone for Easter, things also dressed up nicely for the greatest Feast of the year. St. Jane de Chantal is closely associated with the Sacred Heart of Jesus – it makes sense to have the Sacred Heart enthroned in the Sanctuary; as it originally was.

The Clarion Herald called yesterday and wanted to come take photos of our renovations today.

Not yet!

Back to Easter Vigil, when our youth director Matthew asked if he could take pictures, with a simple little Canon cam that outshines my 1DX photos times a million, we said “Certainly. How good it is to have professional photos of our spiritual life here at St. Jane!”

But seriously. What is up with this?

My hands are facing out, and I’m doing the Vulcan salute with my right hand. Do I do this in the Latin Mass, too? I’ll be leading everyone in song with a banjo at this rate.

St. Jane de Chantal, pray for us. St. Joseph, Patron Saint of Church Renovations, pray for us.

St. John Vianney, pray for me.


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