A Word from King David

“If you have come to me in friendship to help me, my heart will be knit to you; but if to betray me to me adversaries although there is no wrong in my hands, then may the God of our fathers see and rebuke you.” King David – 1 Chron 12:17

King David was beloved by the Lord and always sought to do His holy will. An outcast in his own family – he was thought as nothing and out tending sheep when the prophet Samuel came over to anoint the future king of Israel. “What on earth are you talking about”? must have been thinking David’s father Jesse – Samuel passed up the strong and mighty sons he had raised up for the Lord, and was asking after the one sent out to tend sheep. That kid who played the harp. A musician! Not a warrior for the Lord.

But David it was.

And note what happened to the King, Saul. Saul had gradually given himself over to evil, and had lost favor with the Lord God. The Lord says of Saul “I have cast him off; he is to be king of Israel no longer.” The Lord’s spirit left King Saul, and an evil mood came upon him. Later, it would only be when David played his harp for Saul that the evil mood would leave him.

Saul remained the King of Israel though because he had been anointed as such in the name of the Lord. Even David dared not kill the Lord’s anointed when presented with the opportunity.

All things came to pass, Saul was killed in battle along with his sons and his head carried away by the Philistines – his body and the bodies of his sons were saved by the valiant men of Israel and given a proper burial. Then David became King and everyone pledged their fidelity to him – he grew in grace and favor and became the greatest King of Israel.

As the solders of Gad presented themselves to him, King David spoke the quote up top. He knew that the Lord’s anointing was upon him, and he walked in certainty that he was free from wrongdoing.

As Monsignor Knox translates it:

“If you come as friends, to aid me, knit be my heart with yours; if you are abetting my enemies, by laying a trap for an innocent man, then may the Lord God of our fathers look down and judge between us.

18 With that, inspired to utterance, Amasai answered him, that was one of the thirty chiefs: Thine, David, we are; with thee, son of Jesse, our lot is cast. Peace be to thee, peace to all who take part with thee; thou hast thy God with thee, taking thy part. So David welcomed them, and made them captains in his army.”

Sometimes people will come against us despite the good that we do for them. In many instances we’ve been given an anointing by the Lord to do certain things, to fulfill a certain role in the Kingdom in our time here on Earth. The attitude of David is the attitude we all need when we are doing right, and living an upright life.

Surely – we know – none of us is perfect. Moving beyond that to doing our best, and knowing that we’re trying to do our best, we can move in the freedom given us as adopted sons and daughters of the Lord in the atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ. What is the Lord calling us to do? Who is for us? Who is against us?

Life is never going to be easy. But the Lord has created you in His image and likeness – male and female – and your purpose will not be confounded or confused by those who act against you. And they will act against you. So many lack charity these days, or don’t take the time for a deeper consideration of their actions. There’s a lady on Twitter right now who’s about to get very upset with me for questioning the evidence in Cardinal Pell’s trial. But it’s ok to ask questions, even while insisting that any and all sexual abuse by clergy is to be held accountable in the sight of men and in the sight of God.

When people come against you – especially those who are in your care, who are entrusted to you, who you love – give them to the Lord and let the Lord do with them as He will. There’s no need for added drama, as our holy and almighty God is extremely dramatic as it is. you may have already noticed that He often waits until things are of Biblical proportions to act.

“Lord I trust in your plan for my life. I trust in your anointing upon me. I give you these who come against me as I act in the duties which you have laid before me, and I leave these children of yours to your holy will. I trust in your providence, your love and your guidance.”

Keeping things simple always helps. Live for the Lord. Repent of your sins. Do your best. Trust in Him and act upon His guidance.


PS – In the First Book of Kings, or the First Book of Samuel depending on which Bible you’re using, Chapter 16, verses 6-11, we read:

“1 But now the Lord said to Samuel, What, still lamenting over Saul? I have cast him off; he is to be king of Israel no longer. Come, put oil in that phial of thine, and go on an errand for me to Jesse of Bethlehem; in one of his sons I have looked myself out a king.

2 How can I undertake such a journey, asked Samuel, without Saul coming to hear of it, and killing me? Take a young bull with thee, the Lord answered, and make it known, I have come to offer the Lord sacrifice.

3 To this sacrifice Jesse must be bidden; then I will reveal my will to thee, and thou shalt anoint the man I direct thee to anoint.

4 Thereupon Samuel did as the Lord bade him; and when he reached Bethlehem, the elders of the city greeted him in alarm, asking whether his coming boded well for them.

5 Yes, he told them, I have come to offer the Lord sacrifice. Rid yourselves of defilement, and join with me in offering it. And with that he hallowed Jesse and his sons, and bade them come to the sacrifice with the rest.

6 As soon as they entered the house, his eye fell on Eliab, and he said, Here stands the Lord’s choice, in the Lord’s presence!

7 But the Lord warned Samuel, Have no eyes for noble mien or tall stature; I have passed this one by. Not where man’s glance falls, falls the Lord’s choice; men see but outward appearances, he reads the heart.

8 Then Jesse called Abinadab, and brought him into Samuel’s presence; but, No, said he, this is not the Lord’s choice;

9 then Samma, but he said, No, not this one either.

10 Seven sons of his did Jesse thus present before Samuel, but none of these, he was told, had the Lord chosen.

11 Then Samuel asked Jesse whether these were all, and he answered, One still remains, the youngest, herding the sheep. Send for him, answered Samuel; we must not sit down till he comes.

12 And Jesse sent and fetched him, red-cheeked, fair of face, pleasant of mien. And now the Lord said, Up, anoint him; this is my choice.

13 Whereupon Samuel took out the phial of oil and anointed him then and there in his brethren’s presence; and on him, on David, the spirit of the Lord came down, ever after that day. As for Samuel, he rose up and went home to Ramatha.

14 Meanwhile the Lord’s spirit passed away from Saul; instead, at the Lord’s bidding, an evil mood came upon him that gave him no rest.


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