A Cake for Alyssa

Aside from a busy day here – prayer, homilies, Masses, scheduling, laundry, packing for South America, reading, heading to the gym for a workout, looking over photo layouts (because that obviously fits right in with everything else here,) – I came across this picture of a smash cake.

I know. Everyone but me has heard of them and knows all about them because my niece had to explain them to me when she asked me to make one for her youngest daughter, Lexie.

What can I say, I was in a baking phase and had discovered the Wilton 1m piping tip which makes things so seriously easy that I could actually do them myself. I made one for Lexie, in the bright pink they wanted.

And then I also made one for Alyssa, who’s favorite color is also pink, and this is how it turned out.

This falls into the virtue of charity, as in acts done out of love – not as in acts done out of helping those in most need of your help. Because Alyssa and Lexie are just awesome kids.

If you need any advice on using a Wilton 1m piping tip or similar models, please feel free to ask. Better yet, just head over to Michael’s, or Hobby Lobby, and play around with it.

It’s easy as changing your oil or racking a set of squats. Except it’s easier.

And in your mercy, say a prayer for my niece’s daughters from time to time, as their mother died just over a year ago. The Lord tests those he loves with many afflictions, and he surely must love our family.



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